For women looking to give up dieting but still want to lose weight...

Learn how you can get your dream body without dieting, and exactly how to lose 20+ lbs for the last time.

Are you a woman over 30 who's tired of the weight-loss roller coaster ride? Are you tired of seeing the scale drop and then shoot back up again? If the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting is leaving you feeling overwhelmed and confused, you're in the right place.

Welcome to our 28-Day

Ready, Set...RESET Challenge.

This is an opportunity to restore your metabolism to its optimal state, paving the way for a lifetime of sustainable weight loss.

  • Expert Advice and Coaching

    Never question whether you're on the right path or doing the right thing. In a world full of conflicting information and overwhelm, our team is here to make sure you finally get focus and clarity in your journey so you have the brain space to focus on things that matter to you - like your family, career, and friends... not a stilly diet.

  • Something Different

    If what you're currently doing is not working for you, it's time to try something new. After years and years of failed dieting attempts, your body is ready for a break. Learn a new, more sustainable way of weight loss so you can finally break free from the temptation of crash dieting for the sake of instant results.

  • Community

    You may think your metabolism is broken or that you're a lost cause. Many women have come to us feeling defeated. We get it. Join a group of women who, just like you, have fallen victim to diet culture and years of crash dieting. Feel supported not only by our team, but by the community of women so you never feel like you're on your own.

  • Results

    You can expect more energy, improved body composition, and reduced body fat %, along with insane consistency in all your habits that will leave your friends asking "How do you do it all!?".
    Your clothes will fit better, your skin will be clearer, you'll be lighter on your feet and more confident in your body. By the end of the challenge, all of your questions on "How to lose weight sustainably," will be answered.

  • For women over 30

    You'll learn why, at this stage in your life, you may have a harder time losing weight or seeing the results that you want. You'll get the answers you need for your unique body so that you can achieve that ideal body composition and get all your friends asking "How did you do it!?"

  • For women who are sick of dieting with no real long-term results

    Understand why jumping from WW, to Optavia, Keto and BeachBody have made it harder for you to see results today, which means you can finally resist the temptations of another fad diet and get long term results.

  • For women who are ready for forever results, not a temporary fix

    This challenge is the first step in a journey that guarantees results that you can hang on to. Set yourself up for weight loss that sticks, which means you can finally stop worrying and thinking about what diet you're going to do next.

  • Group Coaching Calls 1 x Per Week

    Get the highest accountability on our group coaching calls by checking in with the rest of the group and your coaches. Ask questions, share victories, and get your week planned out for you!

  • 1 x 30 Min 1:1 Coaching Call

    Meet with Robyn as the challenge wraps up to create a custom plan to keep you from plateauing and the weight coming off.

  • A Challengers-only Facebook Group Chat

    Get 24/7 Access to the BODZii team through the challenger-only group chat and community forum inside our app. Ask questions, share wins, and connect with other challengers!

  • Weekly Prizes

    Participate in optional (yet recommended) mini-challenges for your chance to win prizes like Lululemon, Whole Foods and Starbucks gift cards! Yes, we're basic.

  • A Challenge Guide & Webinar

    All challengers will get a guide with workouts, meal ideas, recipes, shopping lists, and best practices to get the most out of these 28 days. Join us on our members-only webinar, on Sunday March 3rd!

  • A Chance to Win $500

    Collect points throughout the challenge and have a chance at winning the grand prize of $500!

How does it work?

We've been able to help thousands of women in their journey to sustainable weight loss because of how simple and easy to follow our program is. This challenge is no different.


Sign up for the challenge.

Block off your calendar for June 9th at 6pm EST.

Get your custom macronutrient profile to start tracking your food, and track additional habits like:

Sleep 7-8 hours / night
Take Vitamins Omega 3 and Vitamin D
Take Progress Photos
Drink 2.5 L Water
Exercise for 30-60 min
Practice 15 min Mobility
No Alcohol
Prioritize lean meats and veggies
Meditate/Journal/Mindset Development

Track points by completing habits and opting in to participate in other weekly challenges!

The challenger with the most points combined with the best results, most engagement and best attitude throughout the challenge will win $500

Cool App.

Get access to our resource library, workout library, community form, direct chat to our coaches, and habit tracker all in one place!

Sign up now!


Do I need to attend the group calls?

To give yourself the best results along with the best chance at winning, we highly recommend participating in as many features of the challenge. That includes the coaching calls along with the mini weekly challenges.

What sort of results can I expect in 28 days?

You can expect more energy, improved body composition, and reduced body fat %, along with insane consistency in all your habits that will leave your friends asking "How do you do it all!?".

Your clothes will fit better, your skin will be clearer, you'll be lighter on your feet and more confident in your body.

This challenge is unique because we prioritize sustainability and forever results above anything else. This challenge isn't about getting you to lose 20 lbs in the quickest amount of time and then leaving you to figure the rest out on your own.

Do I get a meal plan?

Since we're trying to break you free from the reigns of dieting, yo-yo-ing and that all-or-nothing mentality, we're not going to provide you with an exact meal plan. We will give you a custom macronutrient profile while educating you on tracking the foods you prefer so you have full control and flexibility.

Join the group coaching calls to get weekly feedback, tweaks and adjustments on your food diaries so you can keep progressing!

Is it worth the investment?

That's up to you to decide. What is a restored metabolism, eating in a way you enjoy while improving body composition, getting rid of the diet mentality, and never having to do another crash diet again worth to you? More than $97, I hope!