Don't be an ant...

Have you ever seen that video on Tiktok or Instagram with the ant getting trapped by water that someone circles around them? It’s a bit cruel, if I’m being honest. But the heading of the video says “you’ll never know your full potential if you try”

I’ll leave it here for you to watch so you can get the full picture for this email…watch here.

I swear I have a point. And it has everything to do with you, your weight loss and health journey, and why you haven’t been able to achieve the sustainable, healthy lifestyle you so desire… yet.

Watching the video of the ant reminded me of a client we finished working with earlier this year who felt like every possible negative thing - time constraints, unsuccessful past diets, lack of motivation, not seeing results and giving up, social events throwing her off track, a lack of planning and preparation - was putting up barriers (like the water) between her and her goals.

Her name was Elizabeth. We call her Liz. And to be honest, she had a knack for navigating life's paths with the least resistance. If there was a shortcut, an easier option, or a way to avoid challenges altogether, you could bet that Liz would find it. And this isn’t a judgment on Liz and her character - she’s a mom of 3, has a full time job, and needs to find ways to make her life easier.Liz’s life was a series of "Easy Street" choices. Instead of climbing the mountain of ambition, she took the scenic route around it, enjoying the view from a comfortable distance. When faced with a fork in the road, she always chose the path of least resistance, paved with nice, freshly poured concrete, if you will.One day, a friend noticed that Liz making easy choices (like getting take out, preparing boxed meals for her family etc.) was taking a huge toll on her health and energy. Her friend needed to have a heart to heart with her about the decisions she was making and how misaligned they were with her ultimate goals.“Liz," they said, "life is like a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece represents a challenge, and by avoiding them, you're missing out on the masterpiece you could create."

But Liz basically replied, "Why bother with puzzles when I can enjoy a leisurely walk in the puzzle store without putting them together?"

No, those weren’t actual worlds spoken. But you get the point.As time went on, the easy roads that Liz kept taking became too familiar, and the charm of simplicity began to fade. She realized that the scenic routes had led to nowhere in particular, and the shortcuts merely circled back to where they started - feeling tired, gaining weight back, and left to wonder what she was doing wrong.

Her shortcut, easy routes were, in fact, becoming quite challenging.

One day, a storm of adversity rolled through, turning her paved pathway into rivers and storms of challenge - she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, she had gained 30 lbs and she was experiencing severe lethargy.

With no choice but to confront the challenges head-on, Liz hesitated. But as the saying goes, "In every storm, there's a chance to dance in the rain." So, reluctantly, Liz rolled up her sleeves and went headfirst into her challenges, realizing that avoidance was no longer an option. This is when we were lucky enough to meet Liz and get her the help she needed.

As Liz faced her adversity, something remarkable happened. Amid all the difficulties of change, hidden strengths emerged. The challenges, once daunting, and the things she avoided for so long became stepping stones towards a new and fulfilling path.

Looking back, Liz marvelled at the untapped potential that had lain dormant for so long. You see, even the most complex puzzles have solutions. The pieces of your potential were always there; unfortunately for some it takes a storm to uncover them.

It’s important to learn that life's challenges (living an active lifestyle, making nutritious and delicious food, getting rid of stubborn fat, and prioritizing your own goals) are not obstacles to be avoided but opportunities to discover your true potential.

Yes, they are challenging but do not avoid them. Don’t let the water cave in on you before you have no choice but to make a change. Take control of your future today.

Don’t be like the ant.


Coach Robyn