BODZii Terms

Coaching Commitment/Cancellations‍

At BODZii, we take very seriously our commitment to you as your coach. And thus, we expect the same in return. Once the initial payment has been made and this agreement has been signed, you have committed to your initial membership length of:

1:1 Coaching - Month to month with a 60 day cancellation notice, 6 or 12 months.

Starter pack program - Monthly payments with a 3 month intitial commitment

(1:1 Coaching Only) Program cancellations can only be made within the first 30 days of the program. If our program is not what you expected, doesn’t feel like a good fit, or is not suited for your needs, we respect that and will cancel all upcoming payments within the first 30 days.‍

BODZii does not issue refunds. It is up to the client to communicate ahead of time to the coach if/when she would like to end the program in advance. We ask for 60 days notice so we can create an exiting plan of action, leaving you feeling condfident to continue on your own.

Breaking Contracts
We understand this happens in rare cases. However, If a program hold is not an option and a contract needs to be terminated early, you are responsible for the remaining balance of the program and will be given the option to pay your balance upfront in a lump sum, or over a 2 payment plan.

Program Holds
We understand life gets in the way. We will put your membership on hold for as little as 2 weeks, and as long as 6 weeks. Up to 2 holds can be placed on a membership in a 12 month period.

So we take your commitment very seriously. If you wish to break this agreement, you must:


BODZii provides services geared towards health and fitness and an unfortunate element with any health and fitness journey is the risk of harm to the individual. BODZii Inc. and all coaches are nutritionists and/or trainers but have limited scopes. BODZii requires all future clients to be cleared by a health professional before beginning any of the services provided. The client has the right to and should stop any activity that may cause harm to themselves while under our services. BODZii will not be liable for any and all actions/fees that may occur on the behalf of the client while using our services and afterwards. The client waives all rights for prosecution against BODZii by agreeing to these terms.

Waiver and Acknowledgement of Treatment Form for Dietitian (BUILD Program)‍

I hereby grant permission for Emilie Trottier, or Debora Sloan, RD to correspond my physician(s) and/ or additional and relevant healthcare providers to obtain information relevant to my nutrition treatment and counselling. I acknowledge that any information obtained will be held in strict confidence. I further acknowledge the information provided to me by Emilie Trottier or Debora Sloan, RD is designed to meet my personal dietary and/ or athletic needs. It is NOT suitable for any other individuals and will not be transferred, copied or sold to another person. In order to benefit from the treatment prescribed by Emilie Trottier or Debora Sloan, RD I realize that it is important for me to inform either my physician(s) or Coach or any relevant party of any changes I make in the application of my diet and/ or nutritional/ athletic recommendations. It is my responsibility to report any side effects or problems immediately and to make the necessary adjustments to my treatment plan with Emilie Trottier or Debora Sloan, RD or my physician(s). I will not hold Emilie Trottier or Debora Sloan, RD or my physician responsible for any complications that result from my failure to comply with recommended nutritional interventions or any of the above written statements. I have agreed to have the Registered Dietitian contact other health care professionals to benefit in my care and to share my personal information if it shall fall within their scope of practice and may benefit the client’s care. This may be accomplished by letter, phone, fax, email or any other secure form of communication (perPIPEDA).I have agreed to have my Registered Dietitian keep records of our visits and to file these records in a secure and appropriate place. Email Correspondence ‍Emilie Trottier, RD offers clients or the clients' designees the opportunity to communicate by email. Transmitting client information by email, however, may have a number of risks that clients should considered before using email. These include, but are not limited to, the following risks:

■Email can be circulated, forwarded, and stored in numerous paper and electronic files.

■Email can be immediately broadcast worldwide and be received by intended and unintended recipients.

■Email senders can easily misaddress email

.■Email is easier to falsify than handwritten or signed documents.

■Backup copies of email may exist even after the sender or the recipient has deleted his or her copy.         ■Employers and online services have a right to archive and inspect emails transmitted through their systems. 

■Email can be intercepted, altered, forwarded, or used without authorization or detection

.■Email can be used to introduce viruses into computer systems.

■Email can be used as evidence in court.‍Emilie Trottier or Debora Sloan, RD will use reasonable means to protect the security and confidentiality of email information sent and received. However, because of the risks outlined above, Emilie Trottier or Debora Sloan, RD cannot guarantee one hundred percent the security and confidentiality of email communication and will not be liable for improper disclosure of confidential information that is not caused by her intentional misconduct. Thus, clients must consent to the use of email correspondence for client information. ‍■The client/designee is responsible for protecting his/her password or other means of access to email‍Emilie Trottier, RD is not liable for breaches of confidentiality caused by the client/designee or any third party.‍■If there is a breach of unsecured protected health information concerning you, we may be required to notify you, including what you can do to protect yourself.

■It is the client's responsibility to follow up and/or schedule an appointment if warranted.

■Emilie Trottier, RD is not currently equipped to encrypt or encode email messages, so all email between client/designee and Emilie Trottier, RD remains in an easily readable format that anyone would be able to read who gains access to it.‍

■Lengthy, therapeutic questions or discussions are best had in the session. Email should be utilized for quick questions, scheduling or updates.‍‍